Angel Policy

Q.)   Can I sell cards I make with Xelacrafts images?
A.)   Yes.  Xelacrafts is an Angel Company, you are free to sell cards made with our images.

What you do not have permission to do.

Xelacrafts ask that you do not redistribute Xelacrafts images, including sharing, copying, lending or reselling them. Xelacrafts images are for card making, scrapbooking and papecraft projects for your own personal use only and are not to be made into physical products in any which way or form.
Although you are purchasing our digital images, you are not purchasing the rights for reproducing the artwork, the characters or the digital images in any way. You may only use them for your hand made craft projects on a small scale, i.e. no mass production in any way.
Legal Information

At Xelacrafts we take image theft very seriously, and take every measure we legally can to protect our images. The measures we use include image tracking and web tools.  The companies we use will hand over all information to the appropriate authorities for action to be taken.